June 29 2020

Greetings from  Key West. Very busy place this time of year so let me get started.

So I will start with the bad. This past weekend was tough one. As I type I’m still shaking my head. The bite was somewhere between bad and worse. I even managed to have stops where we caught nothing, zero, nada and zilch. When it was over we managed 6 totes of tiny stuff mostly. Humbled and pissed off described me best when we got in. In the hopes of trying to make it right for the anglers on that trip I comped everyone a future trip. Hopefully they all come back and when they do the bite is good.

The other two trips since my last report were good. The 3 day trip was a steady pick of muttons, red snappers and yellowtails. The guys in the bow still very good with many mutton limits. In the end we filled the back boxes. Weather was spectacular.

First trip we did this week was a Pulley Lite trip. Very steady bite with plenty of quality fish. Filled the back and a box up front. Here is a link, please click here.



So this week we push on. Still fishing every day. Blessed is a great description. We are lucky.

All trips booking, please click here. Schedule is done through June 2021.

Thanks for looking,