Greetings from Key West.

Still plugging along here. Lets get to it.

First off still having issues on the red snapper trips. I have been covering plenty of different ocean the past two weeks with little success wit regards to the reds. Not sure why? Weather has been spectacular and conditions have been good overall. However the reds remain a mystery this year. Still banging away on the muttons and yellowtails. Thankfully. However still not enough on the last few trips. Very frustrating for this scribe, Back out tonight. Gonna head in a different direction tonight and shake things up. Hoping for the best.

I am very happy to report our other trips have been excellent, Pictures tell the story-



Today begins a long stretch of continuous days of trips. I’m hoping to spread the the wings little bit and expand the horizon for future trips. Finding new areas to fish is my passion. The next two months I’m hoping for big things.

So lastly still booking all trips going forward. Plenty of room on most trips. Plus plenty of fish around this summer too. Please click here.

Thanks for looking,