Another charter over the past weekend. Overall a slow pick. Made the decision to head into GOM and chase some ARS. We did not find many and the ones we did get were small.In fact many were under 12 inches. Honestly I have no idea how that happened?

Anyway we picked ay every spot with a mixed bag. Plenty of good size tails in the mix too. The weather was spectacular. Light winds and seas with clear skies. A very pleasant weekend with a great group.


11215756_10206578407921207_8871107908895844335_n 11703284_10206578408041210_4332107441666717469_n

Staying very busy again this week with two private charters. One trip we will be chasing muttons and the other trip will be off to Pulley Ridge chasing muttons, groupers and tunas in the shoal water, basically a Pulley Ridge Lite trip.

Lastly the office is working on the schedule for 2016. I have finalized the trips through August of next year. We will be loading them into the reservation system this week. I will make a announcement when they will be available for bookingso keep a eye out.

Thanks for looking.

More later.

Capt. Greg