Good Morning

We have hit a snag. A significant part that we need was meant to be shipped this weekend but because of Winter Storm Jonas, shipping from Maryland will not take place until today, which eliminate the possibility of it being to us before Friday. The rebuilding of the engines has been such a long and involved process and every detail must be done right the first time, and not hacked together at the last minute.We have done everything they can to make the project flow smoothly and timely, but snags like this do happen. We apologize for this inconvenience but at this time we are officially CANCELLING Friday’s departure. If the office has not contacted you already, Alana will be in contact with you all by phone tomorrow morning to b e sure everyone gets the message directly and as soon as possible and if you would like to, you may transfer your reservation to a new date later in February or beyond. We appreciate your patience and understanding about this cancellation.