Greetings from the Key West Command Center. My apologies for not keep here. obviously I am been extremely busy working on the engine project. I did find time and it easiest to post the Yankee Capts Facebook page the past few weeks. If your have not “Liked” the page please go here.

I am happy to report this project is winding down. Last week we did sea trials and the Yankee Capts performed great. I was happy with the speed and the running gear was smooth as a babies bottom. I felt no vibration at all speeds. As far as speed goes we topped out at 22 knots. Honestly it was faster than I though we would go. We were going down sea at the time and did have a incoming tide. With a full load of ice, fuel and anglers I expect the top end to be 20 knots. Once we start running I will report on the performance.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the past couple of weeks-









FB_IMG_1454266474385 2














I will take some shots of the boat tomorrow for the next post so you can see the progression. The galley has come together great. All new appliances plus a new coffee pot too.

I have spared no expense on this job. I gave Key West Engine, Eric Gladding, North Pointe Marine, Key West Welding and Fabrication and Peninsular Boat basically free reign. I told them to treat the job like it was their own boat. Everything came out great. To say I am pleased is a understatement. Unless your in my position it is hard to describe the piece of mind I have now when I am operating trips. The less I have to worry about the better it is for Capt. Greg.

Let’s talk about the weather now. Since we have started this project the wind has been relentless. I honestly don’t think we have had 7 nice days in the last 5 weeks. I know that we could have fished on just one weekend. Sad but true. So every morning I get up and I at least I know we have not missed much. I would have really flipped my shit if it was flat calm for most of the time. Why has it been so windy? El Nino weather pattern. It happens every time El Nino shows up. On the bright side the La Nina weather pattern we will get next summer and winter is usually very calm. I look forward to that.

So our first trip of the year is Friday. It will be good to get back in the routine. I know the boys are ready. I am too.

Thanks for looking,

More later.

Capt. Greg