Greetings from the Key West Command Center.

Here begins my year end opus. Plenty to talk about so let’s get to it.

Had a conversation the other day with a customer I have not seen in a long long time. He was quite surprised I was still in business? I ask why?  He said Covid. I told him I did nothing different during the last 10 months except work. Work he said. Yes, work, that what we do here. In fact we have had our best year on the Yankee Capts sales wise in 2020. Imagine that? Lucky? Maybe? Probably? All I know is here we are better than ever. Busier than ever.

So the above the paragraph leeds me this. Trips are filling fast. Faster than I’ve seen since I have been doing this. January 2021 was basically sold out so I added another trip to add some capacity. The rest of the winter is very busy with some notable exceptions. If your looking to get out in early 2021. Here is a list of trips that have room.

QUEEN SNAPPER HUNT 01/25/2021  8 open

Look, Learn, Find 02/12/2021  10 open

2 Day Tortugas Marathon 02/19/2021  12 open

Halfway Ledge: 40 Fathom 03/05/2021  19 open

2 Day Tortugas Marathon 03/12/2021  21 open

Halfway Ledge 03/18/2021  15 open

3 Day Tortugas Marathon 03/25/2021  21 open

3 Day Pulley Ridge 03/29/2021  13 open

Halfway Ledge 04/01/2021  19 open

As you can see March is slow? Why? Good question. If the trend continues in 2021 I’m thinking of moving my shipyard work back to the month of starting on 2022. If I can’t make money I might as well spend it! So not going to get ahead of myself but that is what I am I thinking.

Let’s talk a little fishing. Last trip was excellent. Day time out in the deep was for the most part catching not fishing. Queen snappers ruled the coolers with yellow eye snappers a close second. Plus the other usual suspects. Night time was slow. Mostly from lack of effort. Most were asleep. When it all settled the back was full, fish in the front. Plus we left early. Great way to end the year.   


In a recap of the summer? What a summer. Fishing overall was excellent on all Pulley, halfway and deep drop trips. I learn so much. Pushed even more offshore. We were rewarded. Hopefully in the next week I will have a diagram of a rig I would like to share. Plus some things I have learned that will fill the coolers hopefully even faster.

So with a 3 week break we will be laying low talking it easy. No trips till 1/7. Except for a work list for Key West Engine Service. The constant maintenance and repair never ends. As I type this I have found enough to keep the techs busy for a couple of days

  • Adjust valves on mains and generators
  • Silver solder the hair lines cracks the starboard heat exchanger. Although not leaking its only a matter of time. Replacing the isolation mounts also.
  • Replace all the turbo water lines. Time and heat takes it toll.
  • Fuel transfer pump on starboard has developed a leak. A replacement will be installed
  • Gasket replacement on the fresh water pump on starboard engine. It would not surprise me if the pump needs to be replaced also. That will be determined when the pump is off
  • Replace turbo exhaust gaskets. For what ever reason we cant’t seem to keep the gaskets from leaking. This has become a maintenance issue every 6 months.

All of the above will be done this week. Pay once. Cry once. However you have to a maintain your equipment. If you don’t……

So as we wrap up 2020 I have nothing but gratitude for you, my customers. Things get busy around here at certain times. Sometimes I don’t say thank you loud or enough times. However don’t ever think I don’t appreciate your patronage and support.

Plus let’s not forgot my employees. I’m the first to admit I can be a PIA. I expect performance. They deliver. I hate to think think what the Yankee Capts would be without them. I’m a lucky guy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!