Well they they say the mind is the first thing to go in this business. I had this report sitting in cyberspace from last week. Silly me did not press the publish button. Here it is, sorry for the tardiness.

Just back in from our first Pulley trip of the year. Overall very pleased with the numbers. The size could have been a bit bigger. Conditions allowed us to stick with shoaler edges in 400 to 500 feet. Yelloweye snappers ruled the totes the second day. The night fishing was slow early and picked up later in the night. Tunas made a strong showing for some.  Day one saw the usual suspects. Grey tiles, a few goldens and snowy groupers. When it settled the back boxes were full. Nice way to start the year.

Herea are a few pics-


kitty   bricks

Lastly here are few links from the last trip. Please click here and here.

Back out tomorrow for another Pulley trip. This time we will be up on top chasing muttons and tunas. Hopefully if the weather gods are correct we might even get a shot at the deeper edges. Hopefully.

Thanks for looking.

More later,