The battle continues. Weather and conditions have thrown us for a loop. Last Monday with sustained wind of 40 knots turned the Dry Tortugas into a blender. Mother nature whipped up some of the greenest nastiest water I have seen in the last 25 years.

Of course with all that green water the catch suffered. In classic fashion when I did finally find some clean water with some decent mutton fishing the wind came up. Of course the green water did not slow down the red snappers. All I can say is wow. If this keeps up were are going to go past our release numbers from last year. Can’t catch a break much these days.

Here are a few pics form the last trip-

16265979_1224113091012044_5331210230829375085_n 16387915_1224113077678712_1034341257593818808_n





So tonight we press on. Out for a 3 day trip to Pulley Ridge. Hoping the weather holds. Look for a report on Thursday.

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