30 Dec

December 30 2015 Moving in th right direction!

December 30 2015 Moving in th right direction! Stopped by the engine shop today. I was please to find that things were moving along at a good pace. The second engine block will be back from the machine shop on Monday or Tuesday. Most of the assembly will Read More →
24 Dec

December 24th 2015 Merry Christmas!

Not much to report here in Key West. The work at the boat has stopped. Everyone, including me has left boat to celebrate with family and friends. We will be back at the boat January 4th working on the all Read More →
13 Dec

December 13th 2015. Turning the Corner!

Well obviously quite a mess. No matter though tomorrow we clean, scrub and pressure wash. The Virgin Mary herself will be able to eat of the the deck when were done. Yesterday more projects showed up. I knew the exhaust Read More →
11 Dec

December 11 2015

December 11 2015 Greetings from the CAT command center. Moving along here. Not quite as fast as I would have hoped but we are make progress. Today we cut out all the old exhaust pipes. Thank you and good riddance.┬áNOT SORRY TO SEE Read More →
8 Dec

December 8th 2015

December 8th 2015 Well the port engine block is toast. Where the cylinder liners seal with o rings is showing signs of pitting. It does have some life left but I’m not gonna chance it. So add a new block to the cost Read More →
7 Dec

December 7th 2015

Another productive day. Key West Engine Service was tearing down the engines. They have removed the heads and were starting to clean and sandblast parts. At the Yankee Capts the metal fabricator was working on the deck, bulwarks and pulpit. Read More →