27 May

Well as you can see lots of changes here at yankeecapts.com!

While these changes are a long overdue improvement with such advances come with growing pains. We are still in the transition process that will take a few more weeks to streamline and organize. Foremost our website content are still being upgraded. It should not be more than a week, two at most, before this is done. If you see anything on the site and have questions please contact me at greg@yankeecapts.com.

In this age of  technology I still retain the perspective that nothing is better than personal contact and conversation between Yankee Capts anglers and ourselves. We are a phone call or e mail away. We appreciate the opportunity to speak with any prospective anglers  by e-mail or phone. Personal contact is still the best source of information.  Regardless how fancy technology gets I still want Yankee Capts to have personal contact with our anglers and to continue conduct my business into the future that way.

Lets talk a little bit about fishing.

Since my last report we have been very busy between Tortugas trips and Pulley Ridge. The Tortugas trips have all had both same theme. Fish hard and fish smart. In other words those who stay at the rail and fish for what is available have had great looking coolers. For the most part we have been fishing deep only so muttons rule the catch. Some yelloweyes mixed in and plenty of AJ’s too.  The weather has been fantastic.

The Pulley trips have also had the same theme. Only though the fishing/catching has been good either day or night but not both. At the end of the trip the back boxes have been full. The weather has been just fair on those trips so I am sure that played into it. Lots of variety on the trips . Still 20 plus types of fish.


Lastly I would like to address a reoccurring theme on the Pulley Ridge trips.

I am not sure where the disconnect is but plenty of anglers are coming on board with tackle that is not suited for the trip. Please refer to the tackle REQUIREMENTS and please bring what is listed. I know as we go along here we are tweaking things. What I have listed is spot on. Nothing is more frustrating than taking the first hour of the first drift and getting organized. Please click here  and scroll down to your trip. Trust me your coolers will have more fish in it. Any questions? I am a email away-greg@yankeecapts.com.

Thanks for looking!

Capt. Greg


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