Greetings from the command center. A busy couple weeks here. Between trips and fisheries meetings time has flown by. Lets get to it.

First off here is a link from last weeks 3 day mutton trip. Please click here. I spent much of the trip driving around trying to find a place where the bit would take hold. I even took a ride out towards Pulley Ridge. It did not seem to matter. The bite was in the toilet. Weather was spectacular.

This weekends trip I took a different approach. The first part of the trip I found plenty of yellowtails. After we had our fill go those I made a push  to the east trying to find some muttons. That was a mistake. I should have stayed I the same area. By 0100 the thunderstorms found us. Plus the tide was unmanageable too. I will be glad when this “Super Moon” is behind us.

A couple of days to regroup this week. Next trip is a 3 Day Pulley Ridge. This trip is sold out. However I do have a Ultra Limited Load Pulley Ridge charter next week. The Yankee Capts and the Reel Seat have teamed up for 3 day trip to Pulley and Rankin Ridge.

Trip leaves on October 5th around noon and come back on October 7th. As of today we only have 13 people booked. So it looks like it is going to be a ultra limited trip. Cash discounted price of the trip is $600. Credit card prices are slightly higher.

Please contact me at