Greetings from a busy boat. Time flies around here these days. Was fortunate to get hauled out earlier than expected. However hit a brick wall with our work list and a delay in our hull inspection by the USCG. So as usual probably going to be in scramble mode the next 10 days. The question remains will be ready in time? My first response is very simple, “Yankee Capts goes back in the water when the work is done to my satisfaction”. So if you contact me thats the answer. 100% or nothing.

So our last trips were for the most part very good. Tortugas trips were a little lean on most stops and the weather was not in our favor. However we are now moving into November and December. This scribes favorite months of the year.

Also installed a second ice machine on the dock for future trips. Should be able to meet all our needs going forward.

Here are few pics that tell the story the last month.




So this week the battle will continue. If the previous haulouts are any indication things will take 2 times as long and cost 3 times as much. Such is boating.

Thanks for looking, more later.