Greeting’s from Key West. Sadly I must report we came in a day early from our last trip. We started out with fairly good conditions. A grinder bite was the norm. When the sun went down on Friday night the wind came up to a sustained 22 knots with plenty of higher gusts. I decided to head up the Dry Tortugas National Park for some protection from the wind. Honestly I was surprised the wind came up the way it did. It was predicted all the high winds for the weekend were going to be north of us. Plus all the weather I saw on the satellite and weather fax I have onboard still confirmed the forecast. Then the update came out at 2300. The forecast caught up the to conditions we were experiencing. So for the next 6 hours we sat in 25 feet of water hiding from the wind. I was hopeful the next forecast would change but it was just more of the same. So when the sun came up I pulled the plug on the trip. We slogged our way home. As expected the channel was crappy. Soon as we got up in the Quicksands the ride calmed down enough to plow our way home without me working the throttles.

At the dock the coolers had muttons, yellowtails, red groupers and a few kingfish. Some did better then others. Everyone was positive that I talked to at the dock. I certainly appreciated everyones understanding. Remember if you were on the trip you have another 3 day trip coming from me. Please contact the office so you can book your free trip. Alana is expecting your calls. here is a link from a angler on the trip. Please click here.

So from know till the holidays we only have one trip a week. So we will fill our days working on maintenance during the week. Oddly the list is not to long this time. However I am sure things will be popping up as we get into the list. Always does. Thankfully the heat is gone. We are definitely into some cooler weather.

Still plenty of room on most trips. We are almost into my favorite two months of fishing, November and December. Plus NMFS is working on a red snapper open for November and December in the South Atlantic. Soon as I hear something I will post it. If your looking for a trip before 2017 is gone check out this page.

Lastly I have attached a couple pics from a summer many moons ago. Great times for sure.



So thanks for looking, more later.