Greetings from a very busy Key West Command Center.  Between trips and trying to keep up with engine gremlins this last month has been a blur. We re either on a trip or I am in the engine room trying to keep up with engine gremlins or electrical goblins.

Overall the bite and catches have been mirroring the conditions. Mother Nature has also been cranky. We have had some great days and some days I would just soon forgot. It has been all over the place.

Pulley Ridge has been our consistent producer. Our lasted trip came in today with some impressive coolers.

Enjoy the pics.







Here is a link from a trip a couple of weeks ago. Please click here.

I am sure I will have a couple more links from trips when we get back Sunday. I will post them as soon as I can.

Back out tonight on a 2 day trip. Finally looks like decent weather. We have not had a decent weather trip in the Tortugas since we started back running trips last month.

More later. Thanks for looking,