Greetings from the Key West Control Center. Plenty to talk about so lets get to it.

Only a couple of trips since my last report. Our last Pulley trip was just a pick of snappers and groupers. I am not sure why but jacks were everywhere on the ridge where I went. More than we have ever seen. The jacks laid off at night and thankfully we did a decent bite of muttons and tunas. At the dock I counted 22 totes.

Our last trip was a 2 Day Mutton Marathon. Since we had a great forecast I took a long ride into the GOM hoping for a little shake up. I was looking for better water quality and found it. Sunrise and sunset made the trip. Good steady bites of muttons and quality yellowtails. When the dust settled we filled the white box. High hook had 15 muttons. Many anglers had double digit muttons. Here is a link, please click here.

In between the trips we have been doing little projects. Mostly updating and getting to the little things we never have time for when the summer blitz starts. So far we have installed 175 new rod holders on the upper deck and on the fish boxes in the bow. Also added a isolation transformer to the shore power. Somewhere in my marina we have some live AC current running down the sea wall. Short of tearing up the entire electrical service and checking every boat it was just easy to isolate the Yankee Capts on her own. We know have created our now neutral  and ground. Although I did hook it up correctly I am not sure if I am explaining it the correct way. I do know I did not electrocute myself and we are now isolated from the live current. The Capac monitoring system also confirms we have no galvanic action going through the hull. That means the zincs are not being eating away faster than they should be. This is all the fun stuff no ones knows about. People think when were not fishing we have time off. Yeah right. Fishing is the easy and fun part!

So no trip this weekend. A very strong front we be coming through the Straits of Florida in the next 12 hours. Winds are expected to gust to gale force through Sunday. The ocean is no place for humans this weekend. Next trip is next weekend. Still some room. Please click here.

Working on the fall schedule this week. Look for a new trip.

Thanks for looking,