Well on the past  two trips we had it all and I mean every condition. When the dust settle overall it was a struggle. Conditions just have not come tougher the past month. As much as I am tired of typing it I am sure your tired of reading it. I guess the best way to explain are these pictures-



At the spot on the pictures above we sat there for a hour. We caught 6 porgies and 2 horse jacks. That wreck sits almost 40 miles from Loggerhead Key. As far as I know it is not a well known spot. I have never seen it in any hang logs. The few people that I talk to about numbers don’t have it. I only go there once or twice a year and its always good for a a 6 hour stop for red snapper and muttons. This year it produced just like everything else. It just different this year. Strange.

So tonight we head out again to Pulley Ridge. In fact we have 3 trips in a row out there. The weather looks good. Back Sunday with a report.

Thanks for looking,