Greetings from the Key West Command Post. Things are rolling along here. Trips overall have been good. More so that ever you need to stay at the rail, put your time in, fish hard and fish smart. The reward is a good looking cooler with quality fish at the end of the trip.

Here are some of the quality we have been catching this past two weeks-











So couple of things to finish up this report-

  • The schedule of 2018 is up through June. New trips with a emphasis on red snapper are on the schedule. We are booking now.
  •  We will be offering a new trip fishing in the area halfway between Pulley Ridge and the Tortugas, This trip will be a combination of both trips. We are wrapping up the particulars now but here is a quick description-                                                                                                                                                             My favorite part of this job is finding new places to fish. Since day one, my mentors drove home a simple points; never take your eyes off the fishfinder, always look for new areas and always keep learning. Clearly, these tactics has served us well over the years.Over the last 24 months, it has become apparent to me that we’re passing over some very rich areas that show great promise. In particular is a stretch of broken bottom approximately 25 miles beyond the Dry Tortugas. I have been driving over this area extensively and I’m extremely happy with what I have seen. In fact, unbeknownst to passengers we’ve even made a few exploratory drops along this ridge and have seen an excellent showing of black and scamp grouper, large yellow-eye and mutton snapper. After extensive research it is now time to dedicate a couple of exciting three-day trips to xxxxxxxx xxxx.Trip Specifics-Dates –

    #1 Departs 09/14/17 8:00P Returns 09/17/17 12:00P

    #2 Departs xx/xx/xx 8:00P Returns xx/xx/xx 12:00P                                                         Limited Load: 20 Anglers

    Tackle Requirements: Pulley Ridge Lite


That’s all for now. Plenty of things going on here. I will have more updates next week!

Thanks for looking,