Well this past weekend saw it all. Great bites and slow, decent weather and crap, lets not forget rain and sun. We grinded away and managed 17 totes. Thank god for red snapper, that was a big help.

We were supposed to be leaving on our annual 4 day but I have delayed departure until Tuesday morning. The win is up and I have no interest in being on Pulley Ridge in 20-25 knots of east wind. By Tuesday night all should be fine.

I have a pictures from last week!

IMG_1637 IMG_1639

Last we have a Pulley Ridge trip on the 25th of July that needs some help. Please click here. I hate to cancel it. We only need four more reservations to make a go of it. It will be a ultra limited load trip.

Soon as I get back from the Ironman I will post a report.

Thanks for looking,