Not much to report here in Key West. The work at the boat has stopped. Everyone, including me has left boat to celebrate with family and friends.

We will be back at the boat January 4th working on the all the projects that have surfaced. We have plenty to do but nothing has showed up that is overwhelming. It will good to get things going right direction.

Key West Engine reports the engine blocks are at the machine shop. They are expecting to see the first block back Miami Motor the first week in January. Soon as that happens assembly will start.

Lastly we’ve all received them, email blasts, texts and cards with holiday wishes. This is different. On behalf of the entire crew of the Yankee Capts , I wanted to express a sincere thank you and personally thank you for your continued support. Without you, the Yankee Capts wouldn’t be a reality. We hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season, and we hope that 2016 brings you the very best year of your life.

Cheers! Happy Holidays!

Capt. Greg