Welcome to the Yankee Capts! You are booked for this week’s Pulley Ridge LITE (4 Day) 05/16/2024


ARRIVAL: No later than 1:30pm

BOARDING: begins at 12pm

PLEASE NOTE: there will be ZERO ADMITTANCE prior to the above noted boarding time. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVAL EARLY and hang. The crew works hard to get the boat ready between trips in anticipation of a smooth departure. Having customers arrive too early hinders their progress.  

Tackle requirements for your trip can be found here:


Please remember that these are REQUIREMENTS. The captain very specifically organizes this list, and updates it regularly, based on the depths, catch standards, and caliber of each trip. If you have questions about tackle, we encourage you to reach out to Capt Greg directly.


What to Bring/What NOT to Bring: Prohibited items: Liquor, Marijuana, GPS devices (cell phone are allowed for camera purposes, but there is no service or Wi-Fi where you are going)


GALLEY REMINDER:  We no longer offer food services onboard the Yankee Capts. Fewer than 30% of our anglers ever utilized the galley and after much deliberation and disappointment we have decided to reconstruct the galley space to better service our guests moving forward. Anglers are required to bring their own food. We have complementary coffee available. There is a microwave available to anglers. We have installed a state of the art reverse osmosis water dispenser for anglers to fill bottles and canteens with fresh drinking water throughout the trip. Please pass this message to your fishing partners and advise your team to pack accordingly with meals and snacks and beverages.


Gratuity:  Much like in a restaurant, our mates work on a certain base pay and rely primarily on their tips to make a living wage. The mates work extremely hard to make your trip enjoyable and gratuity is customary in this service industry. 15-20% of your ticket cost should be the standard when deciding how much to tip.


Safety Video: Coast Guard regulations require that all guests onboard the Yankee Capts view this video regarding SAFETY onboard the Yankee Capts.


Bait for your Trip: While we do INCLUDE THE COST OF BAIT in the ticket price and do carry enough onboard for everyone, some anglers do still bring additional bait. Click here to read about Capt Greg’s recommendations.



Please remember that, like a concert or a sporting event, the ticket you purchased is non refundable. If you have any questions about our purchasing and cancellation policies, please click here Purchases, Cancellations & Policies

If you have any questions at all that cannot be answered here BEFORE YOU BOOK! (More Important Info Here!) or in our FAQs section, please feel free to respond to this email and I will get back to you shortly with the most specific answer possible.


Alana Horne
Yankee Capts Office Manager
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Regular office hours are M-F 9-5, closed weekends and holidays