Greetings from the command center. Staying busy this week with maintenance and prepping for out annual USCG Certificate of Inspection. Nothing very exciting to report. Mostly cleaning and doing all the little projects that accumulate during the summer. Why do they accumulate? Because they are not vital to get done because of the heat! We will be finishing up tomorrow.

Looks like were going fishing this weekend. Off to Halfway Ledge we go. Weather looks good so I have high hopes. If you were booked remember I changed the departure time to 1800. If you show you up at 1801 your going to see the east end of a west bound Yankee Capts.

Lastly most of you might not realize we will be celebrating 40 years of business here in Key West Nov 17. Yes, that is right 40 years. So a new t shirt design is in the works!


I expect shipment in 2 weeks! The first run will be navy in short sleeve. I will be adding them to our commerce site today!

Thanks for looking, more later. Look for a fishing report on Sunday!