Greetings from the Key West command center. It is very quiet around these parts. We have lost the last couple of trips due to weather, hard easterly wind, so nothing to report on the fishing front. Next trip is on November 9th so we have had and are having a extended vacation. Today is the first time the we have had a decent day with little wind so we have not missed much on the ocean.

Over the last 2 weeks most of my time has been working on the logistics of a main engine over haul/transmission replacement in December. We will be taking the engines out of the boat and updating charging and starting systems, new exhaust pipes and risers for the mains and generators, new piping for the fire pumps, rewire the 32 volt systems and about 300 projects that will pop up when we get into this project. We will be starting on December 7th and I don’t expect we will be done until the 3rd week in January. A big job no doubt but it won’t be as onerous as of painting project last year. Key West Engine Service will be doing the engine work in there shop here in Key West and the top welder here in Key West will be doing all the metal work. My job will be keeping the job moving forward, writing checks, damage controlĀ and staying out of the way. This job is a long time coming. Until recently I never had the time or finances to do this work. The Yankee Capts owes me nothing, She has been one of the most reliable party boats in the industry. Averaging just over 25,000 miles a year over her bottom she has been a rock.

So as stated before just under 10 days till our next trip. Still loads of room on our trips in November. We are offering all of our regular trips as well a Pulley Ridge and Pulley Ridge Lite trip. November has always been a favorite month of mine for catching. As long as the wind stays down we have had some superior catches in November over the years. You can start here to see what trips we are offering.

Thanks for looking,

More later,

Capt. Greg