Greetings from Turkey Command! Everyone here at Yankee Capts wishes you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving.

Plenty to report so lets get to it. I happy to report the doldrums of the summer and fall are now over. Water temps have dropped and water clarity has improved. With that the bite has been very good. Quality yellowtails are the norm with enough red groupers and muttons to make a nice looking cooler at the end of the trip. Open boat trips have been fulling the boxes in the back. Please click here for a customers report.

Things are very busy here at the Yankee Capts. Although we are winding things down with regards to trips (Only 4 left this year) maintence and repair season has arrived. Last week we had our annual USCG COI inspection. Next month we will be hauling out for hull inspection. Plenty of things to do on that list. After last years engine overhaul it is time to focus on the running gear. I have given myself plenty of time for these projects however things will pop up as they always do. I have spent the last week in preparation gathering supplies and setting up vendors to do the work. As usual when we get going on the projects I will post some pictures and keep everyone updated.

Next trip is tomorrow. I have very fond memories of some of the Thanksgiving trips in the past. The weather looks good. I hope the bite continues.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!