Just back from another 3 day trip. Sadly I can report a very slow bite. A few stops the tails were strong but it was very inconsistent. Muttons were hard to come by for the most part.

Honestly the conditions were tough. I tried deep and shallow with most the same results. A hard outgoing tide killed us. It was shame because we had less than 5 knots of wind the entire trip. It was also hot. Africa hot. Summer is here.

What really bothers me is the group we had. Always positive and always fishing hard. It was the type of group that you wished you could have filled all the boxes for and gotten in early.

Another busy week on tap. Two Pulley Ridge trips will take up all this week. We will be back on Thursday so look for a report then.

Thanks for looking,

Capt. Greg


I notice quite a few customers with a chunk of dry ice in their coolers, Smart idea. They had no issue with ice retention in their coolers even in the heat we had. A wise $5 investment from Publix. Certainly something I would do if I was making any trip during the summer heat.