Just back from another Pulley trip. In fact we did not even fish Pulley this trip. Since we had a light load with excellent fisherman I decided to push offshore of Pulley into the Rankin Ridge/ Howell’s Hook area.

For the most part good steady drifts were the norm. However I did focus on fishing smaller spots so the drifts were not as long. Plus frequent tweaks on the drift were needed. When the dust settled we managed the back boxes. 80% of the catch came during the day. Night fishing including the tunas was a little slow. However a excellent catch overall with only 17 anglers. Here are some pictures. You will recognize some of these ugly mugs, they were here two weeks ago.

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I will have some customer reports to link to later this week. Soon as I get the links I will post them.

Only one trip this week. Headed back out to Pulley Ride with the Boatless Fishing Charter. This is one of my favorite trips of the year. They fish mainly jigs so I get to fish in areas with lighter gear. Quality fish are the norm with some trophy groupers in the mix. These guys fish hard and make me look good, not a easy thing to do.

So a little maintenance this week and hopefully some downtime too.

Thanks for looking,