Greetings and Happy and blessed new year to all our friends here at the Yankee Capts.

Our last trip finished strong. Weather was up a bit at the beginning but flattened out nicely. Bite was up and down. At the end we did just fine. Coolers at the dock looked good. Yellowtails and red groupers were the bulk of the catch.  I spent a fair amount of time chasing muttons but the red snappers seemed to be everywhere on the mutton bottom. How bad? Some anglers 25 releases. At this point I am at a loss for words to type about this issue. At the end of the trip I could only think how many we could have caught if I tried to catch red snapper? Like I said I am at a loss.

So to end on a positive note another great year here in Key West. I spent most of the summer pushing myself into different areas. For the most part the catch was there. As I think back I posted so many pictures of quality fish I had to to increase data limit on my photo cloud. I was most pleased.

2017 is shaping up to be another great one. I have been working on another trip to introduce this summer. Look for that soon. For now though were actively booking Tortugas and Pulley trips. Remember most trips in the summer sell out so if you looking to one that time of year the sooner the better. We do many charters through the summer so it is unlikely we will be adding anymore open boat trips once the final schedule is posted. I am working on the final schedule so I hope to have it up in the next 2 weeks.

Lastly the Yankee Capts performed flawlessly the last trip. Nothing more than a couple of minor issues that need attention. We will finish those up before our next trip. Speaking of our next trip is still a little light. Please click here if your interested.

Thanks for looking!

Happy New Year