Greetings and Merry New Year!

Welcome to 2019! Before I get ahead of myself I want to thank everyone for a great 2018. Our busiest year ever thanks to you. We are blessed!

Things are quiet in Key West for us. With no trips schedule till 1/17 we are taking a welcome break. Small projects on the boat keep the crew busy. However

they are itching to get back at it.

So far this week phones and online bookings have been very busy. Trips are filling up. So much so I have to revamp the schedule in the summer. Going to add a few different type trips plus add some of the favorites. Many thanks to all of you again.

We have another 2 weeks of downtime till our first trip on 2019. So until 1/17/19 its lounge chairs, sunshine and fruit punch drinks with paper umbrellas’s.