Well it is starting to feel like it is crunch time. We are going in the right direction at the boat. As usual everything is taking longer than it should. Even with my best efforts to be prepared within and all supplies I need to complete a task it never fails I must get in the truck and go run for parts.

This week we will finishing up these jobs on the list-

  • Paint generators
  • Replace generator exhaust for new 316 stainless steel water jackets. Insulate with new fiber frax insulation.
  • Replace generator exhaust muffler
  • Replace exhaust temperature sensor
  • Replace alternator and started on John Deere generator
  • Replace generator breather hose and re-plumb
  • Replace generator keel cooler pipes with new 316 stainless steel pipes
  • Replace fire and wash down pumps
  • Replace all wash down and fire pump piping with new 1 1/2 galvanized in the engine room
  • Replace 32 volt big pump and new hose
  • Rebuild Racor Fuel/Water seperators and new fuel lines.
  • Build new lids for the battery boxes and paint.
  • Replace all terminals and lugs for battery connections for the 32 volt and 12 volt systems
  • Replace/inspect wiring from batteries to the MDE starters.
  • Replace all 8 volt batteries for the 32 volt system
  • Rewire 32 volt battery charger.
  • Replace 6/2 wire from MDE alternator to the starters.
  • Replace MDE Battery switches
  • Replace blower fan in engine room.
  • Renew all pipes/hoses for MDE breathers
  • Remove all old wire that is no longer in use.
  • Replace emergency 32 volt lights in the engine room
  • Replace 110 volt light in th engine room with LED strip light fixtures.
  • Replace hydraulic steering ram
  • Update MDE wiring for alarm system and electric shutdowns
  • Replace 16/3 wire for MDE tachometers
  • Remove and replace all fresh water supplies and drains in the engine room.
  • Replace anchor hauler hydraulic fluid.
  • Replace hydraulic hoses in forepeak.
  • Replace 110 V bilge pump in forepeak
  • Replace anchor chain
  • Replace 7/8 inch anchor rope

I’m sure I am missing something. The above list just covers what me and the crew are doing on the Yankee Capts until the engines return next week. It does not include the work Key West Engine, welders and exhaust company are doing. At this point I am letting them do their thing. However I stop by everyday and see what the progress is, answer a few questions and drop another check off for $30,000. I have no doubt when the engines return the work list will swell and so will my head. It’s hard to keep up with a job like this unless your very organized. Seems like all I do is write things down on a legal pad and spend money. The list seems to grow more than we can complete the tasks.

That all being said I have no doubt we will get it done and more importantly get it done the right way. We have been doing excellent work. I am fortunate to have hired excellent people do this job. Just think in 16 days we will be going fishing! As you can see Brizo has had enough and is ready to get back on the water.


More later with pictures from the engine room.

Thanks for looking,

Capts Greg