Greetings from the Key West Command Center. Very busy couple of weeks. Thankfully the weather has been reasonable. Plenty of trips to report so lest get started.

Here are some links from customers. Lots of pictures and stories!

We Came, We Drifted, We Caught. Yankee Capts Valentines 2018.

Yankee Capts Feb. 5-8, to Parts Unknown. LOTS of pics.

Yankee Captains Private Charter, Drift Trip Feb 5-8-2018

We also did our first Tortugas drifting trip this past weekend. Overall I was pleased but the trip needs some tweaking on my end. I have figured out what I need to do and will implement the changes on the next trip.

A couple of quick thoughts on the trip-

  • Anglers need to be able to jig. Especially slow pitch jigging.
  • Anglers need to be flexible and be able to switch it up when needed. Anglers who paid attention and made the switch when needed.
  • All baits must not spin. Its is best to fish strips only. If you insist on fishing google eyes they must be butterflied. No chunks, they spin. proper presentation is key, not what you use.
  • If you have questions please don’t hesitate email at

Here are a few pictures-

IMG_0138  IMG_0137  IMG_0135

Another busy week coming up. We are busy. Many thanks to all of you.

lastly I have finished the schedule for the rest of 2018. The office will be posting it shortly. Plenty of trips to plenty of of different areas. Another great year is on tap!

Thanks for looking,