The battle in the yard continues. As many times I have done this it never fails me. No matter how prepared I am things always get out of control. This time around projects are taking longer than expected. Why? It is hot, Africa hot. It is not supposed to be this way in December but it is.

Someone said to me today did you get a little too ambitious with the work you want to get done? I said no. Things will come together. We have quite a few metal projects going on. Tomorrow as the welder finishes up I can get in there and do my thing. All my projects are waiting for the welders and fabricators to get done. It will be a mad dash to get to the finish but somehow we will. We always do. The best thing is we are doing it right. No cutting corners, no expenses spared. Last year we did a complete repower. This year all new running gear, including new rudders. All money well spent. It shows.

Here is a picture of master mate Max cutting off all the drip edges form the rub rail. He is a artist with a sander and grinder. A skill most do not posses, including me.


Lastly and most importantly I am most pleased we have staffed the galley. Crystal has worked a couple of trips and I could not be happier. Service with a smile and excellent food. In many ways she reminds me go our dear Renata. My only concern is my waistline. Gonna be tough for me to keep my athletic torso! I know you will like her.

Thanks for looking, more later.