30 Oct

October 30 2015

Greetings from the Key West command center. It is very quiet around these parts. We have lost the last couple of trips due to weather, hard easterly wind, so nothing to report on the fishing front. Next trip is on Read More →
13 Oct

October 10th 3 Day Limited Load Mutton Marathon

October 10th 3 Day Limited Load Mutton Marathon Again pictures will tell the most of the story-     Nice steady bites with a few blasts of fish at sunrise and sunset. Weather was spectacular. I saw every sign that we have turned the corner and have now Read More →
9 Oct

Reel Seat Pulley Ridge Charter

Reel Seat Pulley Ridge Charter Just back from another Pulley trip. Some good drifts some slow. Some people fished hard some people did not fish. Weather settled down nicely after a week of wind. Waiting for a some pictures but this on tells the story- Read More →
2 Oct

October 2 2015

Sorry guys. We tried. Tonight’s trip has been CANCELLED due to the sea conditions. I think we have spoken to everyone, but if somehow I missed you, please contact the office at 305 923 3926. Greg   Read More →
28 Sep

September 28th 2015

Greetings from the command center. A busy couple weeks here. Between trips and fisheries meetings time has flown by. Lets get to it. First off here is a link from last weeks 3 day mutton trip. Please click here. I Read More →
14 Sep

September 12 & 13 Anglers Bait and Tackle

Just back from another trip. Overall a grinder bite with a couple of stops that bailed me out. Conditions were just fair. A westerly wind with a easterly set on the anchor were a pain, However this group fished hard Read More →