8 Dec

December 8th 2015

December 8th 2015 Well the port engine block is toast. Where the cylinder liners seal with o rings is showing signs of pitting. It does have some life left but I’m not gonna chance it. So add a new block to the cost Read More →
7 Dec

December 7th 2015

Another productive day. Key West Engine Service was tearing down the engines. They have removed the heads and were starting to clean and sandblast parts. At the Yankee Capts the metal fabricator was working on the deck, bulwarks and pulpit. Read More →
3 Dec

December 3rd 2015

December 3rd 2015 I am happy to report excellent progress today. The CAT’s were being torn down at the shop today and things were moving along at a good pace. No major issues were found today either. I temper the past sentence however. Read More →
2 Dec

December 2 2015

December 2 2015 Well “Engine Room Hell” has started early. Key West Engine Service was down here bright and early tearing into the engine. It did not take long too figure out the issues. Then even shorter to give the engine the KOD, Read More →
25 Nov

November 25 2015 Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25 2015 Happy Thanksgiving! Greetings from a very windy Key West. I guess it is official, we are into the fall/winter weather pattern. Since the latest cold front went through Monday the ocean has not been fit for humans to fishing. Winds have been Read More →
9 Nov

November 9th 2015

Well it is time to get back in the game. Two trips this week. A charter tomorrow then a 2 Day Mutton Marathon over the weekend. The trip over the weekend is a little light. If your interested please click Read More →