Just back from another 2 Day Mutton Marathon. Spectacular weather was had for the entire weekend. Temperatures were reasonable for this time and we did not see any rain showers.

Another grinder bite this weekend. Condition still have not changed. The Gulfstream is still close to the edge of the reef. Plus once you get to the west side of Rebecca Channel you run into a back flow current from the stream. That water is moving to the west at 2 knots. All this means is we have to be very mindful where we try to fish or holding bottom can be an issue.

Yellowtails ruled the coolers. A few muttons here and there also. Then a couple of red groupers to round things out. The ability to switch from one species to another make the most of these trips. Some anglers coolers definitely showed that. A exceptionaly nice group this weekend, a pleasure to fish with.

Back out again in the morning on a ultra limped load charter. They want to focus on muttons. I am hoping we can put something together. A small group will definetly help. Look for a report on Wednesday.

Lastly we have a Pulley Ridge Lite trip on Thursday that still has a couple of spots. Pleas click here if your interested. Thanks for looking.

More later,