Just back from a 2 day Pulley Ridge Lite trip.

First off I have received plenty of comments why did I even go? As usual the media has everything spun up because of the low pressure that was heading into the GOM. Except for a couple of thunderstorms that popped up we never saw more than 15 knots of wind. Ride home was fine too.

Red groupers ruled the fish totes. As usual a nice run of reds. Almost are were over 10 pounds. We also had a decent run of muttons. Tunas were not as common, just a few. Pool fish was a 35 pound black grouper. For most of the trip the bite was up and down. Best bites were just before a rain event was bearing down on us. Those 15 minutes before was when the bite really started to tick. Barometer was dropping like a rock, perfect conditions.

For most of the group this was the first time they were fishing at Pulley Ridge. The overall opinion was this is the place for quality fish. However they said this was also a trip for people that were willing to work at it. This was most evident up in the pulpit. The Steve Sikes group worked their tails off. Most of the time they had a fish on. Jigs were king. As stated before those who stayed at the rail did just fine. You needed to put your time in and pay attention.

Sadly we lost the charter this week. The wind is now up from the south and the ocean is unfit for humans on the Yankee Capts. We will see a gradual decrease as the week progresses. I do not see any issues for the weekend trip. We still have plenty of room. This trip is a regular Pulley trip that includes deep dropping. Please click here if your interested. Long range forecasts show light and variable winds. It has been a month since we have been out that way. Greg has big plans!

So a few days off to recharge the soul!

Thanks for looking,