Back from another 3 day trip. Just another grinder bite with more slow times than I would have liked. Tried to shake it up this time by covering different areas. For the most part all I found was lots of moving water. The gulfstream was close to the south edge reef. A black flow from th stream was pushing water to the west. Then the tide was doing it’s thing. Oh don’t forgot about the moon too. All adds up to very tough conditions. That being said high hook had 12 muttons and it went down from there. A couple of the bow gods filled a couple of 150 quart coolers, they worked hard for it. I found a report posted  today. Please click here.

So it is time for a new plan this week. I have to say I have had it with these conditions. Quite frankly I am tired of being PO’d all the time. I can deal with slow fishing for a time but this has been going on for too long. I contemplated cancelling this weekends mutton trip. We did not have many people booked. However with the spectacular weather that is forecasted I did not want to do that. Plus I wanted my employee’s to get a paycheck this week. So I have changed this weekend to a Pulley Lite trip. We will be departing earlier as a result. The new departure time is 12:00 PM. We will be fishing till midnight or so on Saturday night/Sunday morning. We should hit the dock around noon on Sunday. Price will remain the same. If your interested in trying a Pulley Ridge Lite trip (No Electrics) at discounted price we still have a few spots available. Please click here.   If you have any questions at all about this trip I can be reached at I will be home all week so I will get back to you quickly. If your worried about tackle do not be. Your mutton gear is fine. You can find all the info your need about tackle requirements here. Scroll down to the Pulley Lite trips.  If you need any of the terminal tackle including jigs I have everything on the boat.

Not much else to report for the early part of the week. A couple of small projects to do. Hopefully some down time for this scribe. Starting this weekend we have a full month of trips in front of us. We are busy and I am very grateful for it.

Thanks for looking.