Just found a report from the weekend trip-

Pulley Ridge Lite Yankee Capt Style
August 15th
Recently back from another great trip aboard the Yankee Capts. My buddy Ray Sheker and I jumped on last minute and good thing we did. After an early departure and quiet night ride out to some new grounds we were eager to drop some new jigs from Hada Kenji . Let me say this the finish on these jigs are absolutely fantastic and are truly deadly. We also were testing fins new 40g line. This line is now mine and my buddies go to line for slow pitching. 
Ray and I set up in the bow and as soon as Capt Greg gave us the wink we dropped. Ray dropped a SFC Rector and I dropped a Flat God. We hit the bottom and instantly set the hooks into two quality fish. A solid mutton for Ray and a red grouper for me. This was just the start and we commenced to hook up just about every drop. 
As the day progressed we bounced around to some untouched areas and ran around and away from some nasty rain squalls and thunder storms. Have to tip my hat to Capt Greg for always keeping his head on a swivel and not just putting the boat on a drift and forgetting about what’s going on. He is the main reason this boat is always a top producer. His new crew seem to be working out well, they have meshed together and kept the deck running smooth. Tangles were kept to a minimum as everyone fishing bait worked together.
The fish were there, absolutely no question about it. We jigged hard all day everyday and were rewarded. Red groupers smashed our jigs harder then I have ever seen with a bunch of quality mutton snapper and a few other special surprises mixed in. I want to thank Capt Gregory Mercurio and Crew for another great trip. See you guys soon. Sorry for the lack of pics, someone forgot to put the battery back in the DSLR.

Looks like we have enough to go on the weekend trip. However it looks like a ultra limited load.  Spread some cheer into the Yankee Capts checkbook! Please click here if you would like to book. Weatherman says 10 knots of wind!

More after the weekend trip, thanks for looking.