Just back from another Pulley Lite trip. Steady pick for the most part with some slow times to. Weather was cranky. Between rain squalls and puffy wind we did plenty of running around. It retrospect it was a good thing as it forced me to look at areas that previoussly had never seen the Yankee Capts before.

Red groupers ruled the totes. Enough tunas too. A couple wahoo’s committed suicide. The “Bow Gods” were certainly high hook. They jigged all trip and were rewarded. Everytime I looked up there they had a fish on. Here was one of the “Bow Gods” catch-





Only one trip this week. A 3 day trip with a super ultra light load. If your looking for a trip with more room that I can afford to give this is the one. Please click here. ¬†Happy to report the new crew is working out better than I could have ever imagined. A true group of pro’s who are a pleasure to be around. I am lucky to have them. I am also happy to report Capt. Lyndon Carter has returned to the Yankee Capts effective immediately. It is going to be a great summer and fall!

Thanks for looking,