Boy I wish I can report some good catching. However the tough bite continues for us. Conditions are still tough making it hard to hold bottom. Just a scratch bite for the most part with yellowtails and mangroves. This past weekend I even went to areas and tried techniques that I have not done in years. Still the same result. I’m tired of typing the same report and much as I am sure your tired of reading it. That all being said slow fishing never lasts. This week’s time off might just be what we need to shake thinks up. The wind is up today as a upper level tropical disturbence moves past us to the south. A moving barometer never hurts when things have been steady for so long. Also it might just drag the gulfstream offshore too. Plus getting to recharge my batteries is always a good thing for a different perspective.

If you were on this past weekends trip please do not forgot to contact the office. She is waiting for your call!

Thanks for looking,