So how do I start this report? Well since we have been tied to the dock since April 4th I will start will our last trip. That trip we was a 3 Day Pulley trip. Conditions were impossible for deep dropping so we spent the trip up on the top of the bank. We picked away and managed the white box and a few totes in the square box. Groupers, muttons, alamaco’s and a few tunas made up the catch. Conditions were challenging but doable if you wanted to work at it.

The rest of the month has been a windy disaster. I don’t think in all my years doing this we have ever had a stretch this long because of windy weather. 20-25 has been the norm. I have never been a fan of April. Well April 2017 has cemented my opinion on that. Such is boating I guess.

So are next trip is on May 1. This is the start of grouper season in the South Atlantic. Weather looks great. Myself and the crew are chomping to get back to work. Days like this are coming soon as summer approaches, Thank God.




Myself and Lyndon have been keeping busy with projects on the Capts. We have been systematically going down the list of things that never seem to get done. Important things? Some. Like oil changes, painting, zincs and routine maintenance. Most things however are small projects I always wanted to get done but never seem to find the time. The list has been shrinking the last 3 weeks but it never will be finished. Again such is owning a party boat.

So lastly I apologize for being lax in my reports. As we get rolling again the reports and pics will be weekly or more.

Thanks for looking.

Capts. Greg