Written and edited by Capt. Gregory Mercurio on 8/18/14



May 26 2014 Wind East 15 Knots Temperature 85 Degrees


Just back in from another Pulley Ridge trip. Anyone of the previous reports would fit this trip. Good steady drifts with muttons, red groupers, blueline tiles, snowy grouper, mahi mahi, yellowedge grouper, queen snappers, mystic groupers and blackfin tunas. At the end of the trip I can report everyone caught dinner. I will have a report for you from a customer in a day or two. It will be full of pictures and should be a great read from a different perspective. It will be worth the wait.


A very busy stretch coming up. We have trips the next 14 days. Looks like the weather is going into summer mode. This scribe can't wait for the calm weather.


More later.









May 30 2014 Wind East 15 Knots Temperature 85 Degrees


Greetings from the Key West command center. Just back from another 3 day charter. Overall just a pick. Some great stops and some just so so. With all the signs I saw I was hoping for a little more consistency. This theme always reoccurs. Fish hard and put your time in. The rewards will show up in your cooler. Ask the the guy with the 50 pound wahoo from this trip.



I happy report I have a couple of links from the last weekends trip. Please click here and here. A great read with plenty of great information. Many thanks for those anglers taking the time to do the write ups.


Back again this weekend, Going to try to hunt down the elusive red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico. Should be a fun weekend.


Look for a report on Monday.




















June 5 2014 Wind East 5 Knots Temperature 85 Degrees


Sorry for the delay. Just back in from another 3 day charter and I realized I did not get a report in from last weekends trip. Here goes.


Well the ARS opener was not what I was hoping for. The conditions killed us. As most of you know in the Tortugas in the GOM you need to fish deep to catch the ARS. Simply put the current was running up into the wind. Not bad but enough to make the port side unfishable. We had a big group on the boat to begin with and then when people tried to squeeze in the on the starboard side it made for tangles galore. Then we had people that only wanted to fish hi lo rigs for pan fish. You can imagine the rest.

Anyway at the end of the trip you needed to fish hard and have some luck on your side. Muttons were there and some did quite well but it was not easy.


Also this week we just came in from a ultra limited load trip. I can report the conditions for catching ARS were much improved. We picked away at the muttons and had some decent yellowtail fishing too. Throw in a couple of black groupers, red groupers and a wahoo make for a nice looking catch back at the dock. The weather was great too. A little lumpy at the beginning but went slick a third of the way into the trip. Good looking coolers at the dock. A great way to rebound. We needed it.


So remember ARS season is a short one this year. It closes in the GOM on June 9. However we do have three openings in the South Atlantic zone next month.  We have been graciously given 3 weekends for a total of 8 full days. Dates are as follows-



 Opening Date/Time

Recreational Closure Date/Time

Weekend 1

Friday, July 11  

(at 12:01 a.m.)

Monday, July 14  

(at 12:01 a.m.)

Weekend 2

Friday, July 18  

(at 12:01 a.m.)

Monday, July 21  

(at 12:01 a.m.)

Weekend 3

Friday, July 25  

(at 12:01 a.m.)

Sunday, July 27  

(at 12:01 a.m.)


So if your booked on the following trips you have been given a gift from Premier Obama.


2 Day Mutton Marathon and a 3 Day Mutton Marathon. The third weekend I have a charter and is not available as a open boat.


Back out again tonight on another trip. Weather looks spectacular. Look for a report on Sunday.


More later.









June 8 2014 Wind East 5 Knots Temperature 85 Degrees


Nothing like a nice slice of humble pie from Mother Nature.


Finally a trip with a great forecast. I made the decision to make a big steam to the other side of Tortugas Bank. I was hoping we could chip away at the muttons and fill the coolers with a mixed bag of groupers and yellowtails. Top it off with a limit of red snappers and that would make for a great trip.


We started out chipping away every stop. Nothing crazy but I was pleased and thought it was all going to come together. Then the conditions went to hell. I am not sure if the gulfstream moved up inside but we started laying due west on the anchor. Anglers lines were screaming back behind the boat. If you were on the bow, well your line did not hit the water till amidships. However when the this first started we had a stop in the middle of the day that was excellent on the muttons, 3 totes with a few black grouper mixed in. We tried to do as best we could with the conditions but it became unmanageable. Tangles were horrible, people were getting frustrated. So I started moving and then started to try and find some better conditions. I never did. However managed decent stop at sunrise but the rest of the night was just a pick. It was shame to waste such good weather. It was greasy calm the whole weekend. High hook had 14 muttons, it went down from there.


No rest for the weary. Back out Monday morning on a ultra limited 3 day charter. Hopefully I find a area where we can hit the bottom and fish effectively.


More later.










June 16 2014 Wind East 5 Knots Temperature 85 Degrees


Still feel like a bug hitting the windshield on Interstate 95 . Conditions killed us again this weekend. Between the tide because of the moon phase and the gulfstream pushing up on the reef it was a tough trip. As usual I covered plenty of ground but could not put the pieces together. Very frustrating again. All I wanted to do was hide when we got in. The catch was embarrassing.


So only one trip on tap this week. I had a charter that was leaving tonight but we rescheduled it. So out to Pulley Ridge on Thursday night. Weather looks fantastic. Hopefully we will get back on track. We need it. I am getting nervous already.


Going to be a quiet week. The crew has scattered and I am taking a break, hiding.  


More later.








June 27 2014 Wind East 5 Knots Temperature 85 Degrees


Greeting from the KW command center. Two trips in the past week. Here goes.


Last weekend we did a Pulley Ridge trip. A bit slower than we normally see. Between the heat, slow drift, tangles and people getting with the program slowed down the bite. Weather was spectacular, 5 knots of wind and greasy flat calm. When the dust settled we managed the white box, half the blue box and coolers. The usual suspects made it to the totes. I counted 24 different types of fish. Here is a link with a customers report.





The other trip this week was our monthly charter with Anglers Bait and Tackle. As usual we stayed deep and chased the mutton snapper. When the dust settled we managed the white box and half the blue box, 22 totes. Again the weather was spectacular. Flat, greasy and calm.




Back out again tonight. Another 2 day trip. Look for a report on Sunday. We are busy boys.


More later.









July 17 2014 Wind West 5 Knots Temperature 85 Degrees


My apologies for no reports. Last 3 weeks have been a blur. In and out with little time for anything else than prepping the boat and keeping up with fixing things.


Overall we have had some good trips and slow ones too. Some stops during the trips are great and I feel like we are going to sink the boat then the next stop is slow. No consistency at all. The weather has been spectacular, Flat calm with little wind. Hot too, Africa hot. 


I have been sharing a good amount of photos. Please click here if your interested.


Back out tonight on a 3 day trip. Looking to right the ship and get back on the bite.


More later.









July 29 2014 Wind West 5 Knots Temperature 85 Degrees


Well this has been a shitty week. Bear with me as I tell the story.


Last week we were minutes from getting underway on our monthly Angler Bait and Tackle charter. As I was walking on the boat I saw the lights flicker and heard the genset speed up and slow down. Followed by a nice big puff of black smoke out of the exhaust. I raced downstairs to find the electrical end of the genset starting to smoke. I turned it off and then had a "Oh shit moment". Waiting for the smoke to clear and realized we had a major failure. So I sent the charter home and started the damage control. One phone and 1 hour later the mechanics had the unit disassembled and ready to be taken out. I ordered a replacement and found out it would take a week to 10 days to get another one.  So that is where we are now. Waiting. I was disturbed to find out the manufacturer does not stock this item but builds them to order. Hence the waiting game.


Why did this happen? I have no idea. This unit has only 9000 hours and is only 3 years old. The last unit I had lasted 15 years and was still running when I took it out. This is a no maintenance part, I just start it and it works. Hah, not this time! Bottom line it is what it is. We get things fixed and move on.


Looks like we are going to reschedule things a bit the next week. So far after discussions with the office this what we have come up with.


Important Office Status Report:


1) As MANY of you noticed, our website went on the fritz this weekend. Calendars got wiped out, some links broke, and in general, things went a little hay-wire. Tons of calls this weekend, people checking in to be sure we were aware there was an issue. Good looking out, folks. Couldn't do this without you. We got it all back up and running, even the pesky August calendar which seemed to be resentful of a reboot.


2) Many of you are aware that we experienced an issue in our engine room this week. Fear not! The parts are on their way and the mechanics assure us that we will not be out of commission for long. Those trips that have been affected have already been notified and adjustments have been made. If you have not been called BY ME, then your trip is not affected. it's that simple. Some people assumed the calendar malfunction was related to some major cancellations. NOT THE CASE. Two separate issues. If you did not hear it straight from me in a personal phone call, then your trip is a go as scheduled.


Thanks for everyone's understanding and cooperation. We can't do what we do without all of you!


-- Alana, Yankee Capts Office Manager


So that is where we are at as of 1200 EDT. If anything changes I post things. Thanks for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a shout.


More later.








August 12 2014 Wind Southeast 10 Knots Temperature 85 Degrees


Back in the game! Thankfully.


Headed on a trip as I type. I will get you a full update when I get a chance to breathe.


Just found out we have a couple of spots on the 4 day Pulley Ridge trip leaving Thursday night. I know it is short notice but a rare cancellation has opened two spots on a sold out trip. You guys know the routine, give Alana a call at 305 923 3926 or book online here.


More later.









August 18 2014 Wind Southeast 10 Knots Temperature 85 Degrees


Whew. A busy week. Lets get to it,


Our first trip was a 3 day ultra limited load charter. The weather was great. The sharks were great also. If your mutton or grouper did not get eaten by a shark after you hooked it then you hooked a shark before a mutton or grouper could eat your bait. In almost 30 years I have never seen it that bad. Did not matter where I went. The same old song. The only thing I could figure was since it was Shark Week on the Discovery network we were keeping with the theme. It hurts still just thinking about it.


Our other trip was a 4 Day Pulley ridge trip. We had it all. Great bites, slow picks and stops where the customers just had to tell me how to do my job. This was the first trip where we saw very slow fishing at night on the bank. Just a few muttons, groupers and tuna's. If we had any night bite we would have filled up early. That being said we fill all the boxes and ran out of ice anyway, just took a bit longer than usual. Best fish of the trip was a 51 pound black grouper. Also a nice shot of queen snappers too. I am hoping for a post to link too. Hopefully in the next day or so?


Although not from the most recent trip this picture is a indication of the special fish we see just about every drift on the Pulley Ridge trips.



Only one trip this week. I have plenty of everything to keep me busy. No complaints though.


The trip this week is a 3 Day Mutton Marathon. Still some room.


You guys know the routine, give Alana a call at 305 923 3926 or book online here.


More later.